The weather forecast

The weather forecast

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Radio, television, newspapers and websites daily announce the weather forecast.

Within a certain safety margin we know if it will rain, if it will be cold or hot.

To facilitate the study of the atmosphere, scientists divide it into several layers.


The troposphere is the closest layer to the earth's surface. In it the clouds form and the rains, the winds and the lightning occur.

In the troposphere concentrates the largest amount of oxygen gas that living beings use in breathing.


In this layer, the humidity (presence of water vapor) is almost nonexistent. There is a low concentration of oxygen gas, and air is generally thin. In the stratosphere is the ozone gas (gas whose molecule is formed by 3 oxygen atoms, O3). This layer filters the sun's ultraviolet rays, thus preventing damage to living things. In the troposphere, however, ozone, when present, is considered a pollutant.

In this atmospheric region do not occur the turbulences caused by the meteorological phenomena, common in the troposphere; Therefore, the longest flights made by large aircraft occur in this layer.


It is a layer also rich in ozone gas. It has low temperatures.

Ionosphere or thermosphere

In this layer the air is very thin and there are particles charged with electricity. These particles enable the transmission of radio waves and similar over long distances.


It is the last layer of the atmosphere, that is, the boundary between our planet and cosmic space. In this layer predominates hydrogen gas. The air is very thin and the gas molecules constantly "escape" into space. This is where artificial satellites usually reside.

All the factors that influence the Earth's climate are contained in the troposphere, let's study each one now.