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Rubric - Biology

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The following rubric will be used to grade the lab reports:

5 points
2.5 points
0 points
Title PageContains title, student name, instructor name and sectionMissing either instructor name or sectionNo title page
Formatting: typed, spacingTyped and single spacedTyped, but not single spacedNot typed
Grammar and SpellingNo errors; contains complete sentences and no misspellingsA few minor errors in grammar and spellingSeveral major errors in grammar and spelling
Formatting: headingsEach section has a heading as described in templateSome sections lack headingsNo headings
HypothesisPredictions are clearly stated and written as a testable statementPredictions/expected outcomes are not clearly statedNot written as a testable statement
MaterialsAll equipment and materials described; identify variables, controls and constantsMaterials incompletely describedNo identification of variables, controls and constants
ProcedureClear step-by step descriptionDescription missing details making it difficult for another scientist to repeat experimentDescription missing so much detail it would be impossible to repeat
ResultsClearly written description of results comparing controls and variablesResults are presented but no comparison between controls and variables are madeNo written description of results
Data tables, graphs or chartsEasy to interpret, clear labels, all data, including calculated averages, includedDisorganized (not easy to understand, missing labels) but all data includedDisorganized and or data clearly missing
ConclusionClearly explains acceptance or rejection of hypothesis using data to support conclusion; identifies sources of errorAccepts or rejects hypothesis but does not use data to explain why; or does not identify sources of errorDoes not explain conclusion and does not identify sources of error
Total ______out of 50 points



  • Lab Report Grading Rubric. Authored by: Lynette Hauser. Provided by: Tidewater Community College. Located at: License: CC BY: Attribution

Biology Work Term Report Rubric




(if 2 selected = resubmit)†


(if 1 selected = resubmit)

*Letter of Submittal (incl. Declaration)

Addressed correctly and is signed.

Presented and formatted correctly.

Incomplete or not formatted correctly.

Presented, formatted correctly and matches content.

Incomplete, not formatted correctly, or not matching content.

*Table Headers/Figure Legends

Includes correct table #/figure # in the correct location, meaningful title, succinct description and cite source(s) (if applicable).

Missing an element or in an incorrect location.

No table header(s)/ figure legend(s) and/or unnecessary tables/figures in the report.

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