The female condom

The female condom

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It consists of a polyurethane tube with one end closed and the other open, coupled to two flexible rings also polyurethane in the uterine cervix, vaginal walls and vulva.

The product is already lubricated and should be used only once, highlighting that polyurethane, being more resistant than latex, can be used with various types of lubricants.

Condom use

Unpack only at the time of use. Flex the ring so that it can be inserted into the vagina. With the index and middle fingers, push as much as you can so that it is left a little out, remaining so during the relationship.

Remove immediately after ejaculation by screwing the ring so that seminal fluid does not drip into the vagina.

If used correctly, its effectiveness is high, ranging from 82 to 97%.

Side effects

Allergy or irritation, which can be reduced by changing brand and type and using water-based lubricants.