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Behavioral methods

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Avoid intercourse with penetration.

Table Method (or Calendar)

It is a natural method that does not employ any material or medicine. It consists in not having sex in the fertile period, that is, in the period closest to ovulation. Therefore, it can only work for women who have a very regular menstrual cycle.

To determine the probable day of ovulation, a woman first needs to know exactly what her cycle is and whether it is very regular. To do this, you should note for at least eight months the day of the onset of menstruation. As you have already studied, ovulation occurs approximately 14 days before your next period.

The woman should note in a calendar (in her "table") the first day of the cycle. If she menstruates every 28 days, ovulation should occur on day 14 - this is the most fertile day. And you should not have sex in the four days before and four days after ovulation.

One must be very careful, the little table method often fails! In women with irregular menstruation, it does not work at all. Even when the cycle is very straight, there may be, for some reason, transient irregularities. Therefore it is not a suitable method for those who really want to avoid pregnancy.

Basal temperature

Method derived from the observation of physiological changes in body temperature throughout the menstrual cycle. After ovulation, basal temperature increases between 0.3 and 0.8 ° C (progesterone action). The patient should measure the oral temperature for 5 minutes in the morning (after a rest of at least 5 hours) before eating or making any effort, and record the results for two or more menstrual cycles. This procedure should be performed from the first day of menstruation until the day the temperature rises for 3 consecutive days.

Once you have established your normal range, and the pattern of increase, you will be able to use the information, avoiding sex in the fertile period.

A major disadvantage of the temperature method is that if the woman has any illness, such as a simple cold or virus, the whole scheme changes, making it impossible to return to baseline, or whether the temperature increase is due to ovulation or fever. .

Therefore this method, as far as the table is not recommended for those who really want to avoid pregnancy.


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