Bombados: is it worth it?

Bombados: is it worth it?

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What are anabolic steroids?

Bombs are hormones. Produced from animal extracts, they are synthetic hormones similar to testosterone, the main male hormone, which have anabolic and androgenic properties.

What do they do in the body?

When they fall into the bloodstream and penetrate the cell, anabolic steroids begin to function, attaching themselves to an androgen receptor, migrate to the nucleus and stimulate protein synthesis.

With all this, there are anabolic changes - increased muscle mass and nitrogen retention - and androgenic - voice aggravation, hair growth and increased aggression.

Which is less worse: pill or injection?

Of course, both are dangerous. But contrary to what most people think, anabolic injections are less harmful than hormones taken in oral pills.

By injecting a certain dose of “pump”, for example 20mg, the substance can be slowly released for up to one week in the body, which means a smaller daily amount. Already the pills release the same 20mg at once, which causes the body to metabolize a much larger amount of hormones.

What are the possible consequences?

-Sterility: the use of pumps decreases and even exterminates sperm production, leaving semen less fertile or infertile.
-Acne: Anabolics Increase Blackhead & Pimple Rate on Skin
-Baldness: bombs can accelerate hair loss
-Masculinization: androgenic properties lead to voice aggravation, hair growth and even clitoral atrophy in women.
-Ligament Injuries: Due to increased muscle strength, structures that attach muscles to bones often do not keep up with this growth and may rupture.
-Decrease in “good” cholesterol: Anabolic steroids can lower the rate of HDL, a lipoprotein that helps “clear” fats from blood vessels.