Transcription of genetic information

Transcription of genetic information

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RNA synthesis (messenger, for example) begins with the separation of the two strands of DNA.

Only one strand of DNA serves as a template for the production of the mRNA molecule. The other tape is not transcribed. This is one of the differences between DNA duplication and RNA production.

The other differences are:

  • the nucleotides used have ribose sugar in place of deoxyribose;
  • there is the participation of uracil nucleotides in place of thymine nucleotides. Thus, if on the DNA strand being transcribed adenine appears, a complementary uracil-containing nucleotide is routed to it;

Imagining a hypothetical segment of a DNA strand with the base sequence:


The mRNA segment formed in the transcription will have the base sequence:


In a eukaryotic cell, the produced mRNA is detached from its mold and, after processing, crosses the library and goes to the cytoplasm, where protein synthesis will take place. With the end of the transcription, the two strands of his DNA join again, redoing the double helix.