The science of life

The science of life

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The science that studies life is the biology.

She studies living things: the animals, the vegetables, O Human Body.

Not everything that moves is alive. For example, a robot, a mobile, and a car move but are not alive.

A tree and a carrot do not move, but they are living beings.

Rabbit and fish are living things, but the mountain is not.

Just like men, animals and vegetables are living beings. Soon they feed, grow, reproduce and die.

Living beings breathe

To live, vegetables and animals need to breathe.


Vegetables, animals and men need energy to live.
It is the food that gives them energy.


The animals make puppies. Vegetables give rise to other vegetables.

Grow up

Throughout life living beings develop and transform.

And die

Living things live short or long. They are replaced by other living beings.