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“Lung of the World”, “Planet Water”, “Green Hell” are some of the worlds buzzwords about the Amazon. It is always in evidence anywhere in the globalized village.

It interests everyone. One of the last regions of the planet that still seduces by the exuberance of a primitive nature, today absolutely threatened by its devastation.

The Amazon saves the largest biological diversity on the planet - megadiverse region - and drains 20% of all fresh water from the face of the earth. It began 12 million years ago, when the Andes rose and closed off the Pacific. It formed a fantastic Pantanal, almost a freshwater sea, covered only by waters. Then, with so much sediment, the earth's crust reemerged and gradually formed what is today the Amazon.

The Amazon occupies 4,196,943 km², about 49.29% of the Brazilian territory. It occupies all five federation units (Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Pará and Roraima), most of Rondônia (98.8%), more than half of Mato Grosso (54%), and part of Maranhão (34%). ) and Tocantins (9%). The deforested area of ​​the Amazon already reaches 16.3% of its totality.

Today, about 17 million Brazilians live in the Amazon biome, with about 70% in urban areas.